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How to Set up a Minikube Lab with VMware Workstation

Recently, I started looking at Kubernetes. As a first step, I went through the tutorial on how to install Minikube. On this link, we get the instructions on how to set up Minikube on Windows 10 using either Hyper-V or

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How to install Elasticsearch on Fedora 28

Overview of the issue I went to install Elasticsearch on a newly built Fedora 28 VM. For my first attempt, I tried to use the built-in repo as follows sudo yum update sudo yum install elasticsearch However, when I started

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Versioning in Git using Tags

Recently, I looked at tagging different versions of my project. First, I reviewed the Git manual1 and found the instructions for creating an annotated tag. git tag -a v0.2 -m ‘development version’ Once you have a tag, your list of

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Getting the Duration of a Video with PHP

I wanted to calculate the duration of a video in seconds as in integer variable. For this I needed software outside of PHP. So, I decided to use the open source video encoding library, avconv, running on Linux Mint /

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Splitting a file path in PHP

During the week, I was faced with the problem of dividing a given string containing a file path into the file name, extension and the path to the file’s directory. For example, “/home/myuser/myfile.ext”, has to be split into “/home/myuser/”, “myfile” and

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Creating a Linux disk image

One of my colleagues needed to set up a server to run the software I was developing. To make his task easier, he suggested that I create a disk image from my development virtual machine. The most important thing is

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Installing Laravel on Linux Mint / Ubuntu

Recently, I went to install the Laravel PHP framework on a fresh virtual machine. Here are the steps that I went through. First of all, I created a directory for my project and made this my current directory. $ mkdir

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Transferring Files to Virtual Box

To facilitate debugging some problems with encoding large video files using open source software running on Linux, I decided to run the encoding software on a virtual machine. Initially, I copied the data onto the Windows host from a memory

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Video Encoding with Large Files

This week’s issue relates to encoding large video files. I had previously integrated open source software to encode video from a variety of formats to H.264 (using an mp4 container). The software worked fine with test data from small video

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Using a virtual machine as a development environment

For my last project, I decided to use Linux as my development environment.  My laptop runs Windows and I wanted to try using Linux without setting up a dual-boot system. I tried VMware Player and installed Linux Mint with the

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